To Roommate or not to Roommate?

It would be hilarious if the question actually becomes philosophical, but gladly it doesn’t. As someone who has studied abroad before, I never knew that finding housing could be this stressful (to your wallet). Coming from a country like Thailand where rent is relatively cheap and space is generous, I find the prospects of living in the┬áStates shocking. The cost of living is extremely different (except in some areas which are comparable to Bangkok) and food will definitely not be the same. MBA is also super expensive gosh.

So at first I opted to scout for roommates. A lot of people talked about the benefits of having a roommate during their MBA: someone to talk to talk to, someone to check on you whether you’re alright, someone to split the damn rent. Fortunately, Cereal school FB page has roommate hunting forms for people to use so I definitely could seek out people from there. But after some deliberation, I realized that I may not be the best roommate to other people.

Despite living with my parent for so long – because Asians – I find living with others quite a hassle. I would like to say my roommate experience while I studied at Akita International University, Japan great, but considering I actually drove one away to live in another room… I’m probably not the best fit. (In my defense my thyroid was acting up and I MUST HAVE THE AIRCON ON, who sleeps in that humid and hot weather without AIRCON?!). Thus I concluded that I will be living alone in Evanston in a newly built apartment (hurrah for unused toilets) which is 24 minutes from the Global hub. Quite a trek but there’s a bus. I will sacrifice a lot of things for high ceilings and great toilets.

In terms of housing, I believe that a lot of students go through the same processes of looking through the website provided by their own respective schools or look externally for resources. A bunch of student at the cereal school gathered a bunch of links that can be sift through to find apartment according to ones liking.

Two well known ones are and I have never used PadMapper but Very Apt is a really good website that has a list of facilities all laid up front for consideration. Choosing housing is something based on one’s preference and to me, I felt that I will be spending two years in some new place so I better be living in a place I truly like so my experience can be kick ass.


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