MBA required online prep-courses?!

I honestly didn’t expect myself to be doing accounting courses prior to school but it’s required. It’s a thing! I think a growing number of MBA programs are requiring students to prepare themselves for the rigorous curriculum they’ll be going through for the next two years. These courses are very similar to the ones offered on MOOC.

At Kellogg, the school requires students to prepare (unless they are granted a waiver application) for accounting and statistics prior to the start of their classes. These courses are beautifully named as Accounting Essentials and Business Analytics I. I do not know of any repercussions if students do not complete the prep courses, but I doubt it would be devastating.

Accounting Essentials is provided by Cambridge Business Publishers. Overall, I think the school chose a very neat platform for students to experience online learning. To be honest, I think anything is better than using Wiley. I still don’t understand why Wiley is super popular among undergrad programs. The books are akin to pillows.

I have had the pleasure of going through Accounting Essentials and took its exam, which was relatively easy. Given the caliber of people with high GMAT at Kellogg, I doubt anyone would score lower than a 90/100. A similar course on accounting can be found on websites such as Coursera. I am going to be taking Wharton’s Introduction to Accounting and More Introduction to Accounting because, I swear to god, I will try to pass my ass through the waiver exam. Since I already took 3 accounting courses during my undergrad, I do not want to go through accounting again. It’s not a bang for my buck.

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