International Student Visa

To give you guys a bit of a background, I am quite the anxious human because I genuinely suck at filling out forms perfectly. Some where in the forms, I will always have a shitty mistake and filling out international student visa is no different. But fear not! I got into a good MBA program so I don’t think filling forms is that big of a deal in getting accepted to b-schools.

So going to the United States of America, you will need either a F-1 or a J-1 visa. F-1 is for students who funds things from their own pockets. J-1 is for sponsored students (families, firms, etc.). Just make sure you pick the right ones.

Then you’ll have to wait for your I-20 document that qualifies you as a student going to a school in the states and pay for the SEVIS fee ($200) associated with the student visa. I know it’s quite costly, but you’ve gotta pay what you’ve gotta pay.

Other documents you will need depends on what kind of travel status you have. By travel status I meant: how many countries you’ve been to? how were you funding those trips? etc. I assume that the embassy does a pre-screening of your visa application before you get your butt to the interview appointment.

The documents that I prepared for my application are as follows (this should be extremely applicable to Thai students going to study Master’s degree in the US):

  1. Student status: I-20 document and SEVIS fee receipt.
  2. Financial statement: Bank Letter (a must) and bank statement (optional) that has funds as indicated in your I-20 document.
  3. Application documents: Passport, Filled out DS-160 form, and photos of myself.
  4. Qualification documents: Transcript and Diploma from my undergraduate.
  5. Others (optional): Employment letter, pay stubs, housing documents for both the US and Thailand (my country of residence), and national ID.

The process for filing for a visa is relatively simple. All you have to do is go on the US┬áconsular application center (online) and fill out your DS-160 form. Once you’ve filled out and paid for the application fee, you’re good! Just book the interview schedule and you’re great and on your way to getting a pass into the states. You will know immediately after the interview whether you passed for the visa.

Easy and simple!

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