A Guide: How to Crush GMAT Quant and Verbal

I received a lot of questions on gmatclub.com (despite writing an arguably long and detailed debrief) on how to improve both quant and verbal sections of GMAT. I know a lot of people struggled with how to start studying and I have written a guide on that here. I also know a lot of people do not want to waste time reading chunks of text so here are the nuts and bolts of my studies.

Quantitative Section

I am, at least one of the many, one of the people who struggled with math. I did not come from a quant heavy background and in hindsight I wished I did. [First] Since I had no quant background and complete forgotten everything, I started with foundation GMAT by Manhattan Prep.

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Once I am up to speed with basic arithmetic and algebra, [Second] I then went through the Manhattan Prep series and the Official Guide 2016 and Official Review. This helped my quantitative score move up from Q37 to Q47.

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I struggled to secure my quantitative score at Q47 during my official test and mock test so [Third] I opted to use Mathrevolution and gmatclub.com (kudos to Bunuel) to help me learn about the tricks and strategies of math questions. I also redid questions from older official guide and official review as well.

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Lastly I complemented my studies along the way with [Last] GMATprep Question Bank 1 and Manhattan Review Quant Question bank.

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Verbal Section

I fair a tiny bit better at the verbal section when compared to other non-natives. I started at the score of V28 but ended up with a V42. Verbal relies a lot on existing vocabularies and reading knowledge. The more you read, the better verbal section test taker you are. [First] I started studying with Power Score Sentence Correction and Critical Reasoning then I did the Official Guide 2016 and Official Review concurrently. Both books helped me come to grips with what is test on the GMAT.

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This helped me bump V28 to V34. The next ride is a bit tougher because in order for you to progress even further, you need to develop accuracy (being super accurate) and precision (in a given amount of time). [Second] I used e-gmat course to further solidify my verbal foundations. I realized that the reason I wasn’t going further than V34 was because I did not have proper understanding of basic GMAT verbal. This is not to be confused with normal English we use on a day to day basis. I also did a lot of mocks so that truly helped.

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[Third] I later used the materials found on gmatclub.com to help me with advance verbal questions. A lot of the explanations helped me understand more on particular sections of GMAT that I found very confusing.

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Critical Reasoning
Sentence Correction


[Fourth] I came back to study solely on the Official Guide, Manhattan Series, and Powerscore series in order to make sure I understood every aspect of GMAT verbal. On the last leg of my studies, I dedicated most of my time trying to understand the nuances of each GMAT question created by GMAC. I think this is the best way to truly study verbal as there are no other test preps who come close to creating the right questions to practice. However, without the test prep knowledge, I would not have enough tools to truly understand what the heck the GMAC was talking about.

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The key to GMAT is consistent studying with the right materials. If you are still struggling to start I recommend checking out more resources on gmatclub.com and beatthegmat.com. Both websites provide great resources for online studying. Learn from others!

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me here.

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